Printers and Scanners

Printer Setup and Configure

Setup new printer

Geeks2fix is skilled to set up all types of printers.

Home network

We'll help you get your printer running in a short time.

Reconnect printer

The printer is sometimes lost connection and can’t print.

Refill ink, Change Drum

It's not possible to print when your printer runs out of ink.


Toner Replacement

When you see the printing quality poor of your document.

Configure Wi-Fi

Modern printers have added Wi-Fi sensors for connectivity.

Reset the printer

You'll have trouble with your printer behaving abnormally.

printer and scanner

We are skilled set up printers in the office or at home.

Scanner Setup and Configure

Setup New Scanner

Each scanner does the same thing, maybe a PC or Laptop.

Resolve scan quality

Any issues can arise that crash the quality of your scan.

Clean the scanner

The scanner must be clean to improve the quality of scan.

Scanner Replacement

When you can't the scanner properly working, it's to change.